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Highest STEP score reported (baseline score of 192 on practice assessments).

Using our unique ExpertStudy program, our students report an average increase of 43 points on STEP.

We report a 99.6% pass rate. We take a personalized interest in your success and this value is the result.

A Partnership dedicated to your personalized success.

Free consultation

Here you tell us about your learning styles, your availability, and then our specialized team choses the perfect tutor for you.


Match Day - with your tutor that is. Free 30 minute lesson & collect agreement.

Meet with the tutor specifically selected for you to discuss the topic of your choice. Afterwards, receive your customized pricing package.

Monitor analytics & prepare for baseline assessment.

Your tutor gathers data from your baseline NBME assessment to analyze your test-taking strategies and create a personalized study schedule tailored to strengthening your weaknesses & reinforcing your strengths.


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